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Turn to Wisconsin Tongue Tie Institute for a frenectomy and lactation support.

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Feed Easier

Babies struggle less with feeding, whether it’s breast or bottle, while older children have an easier time handling solid foods. Mothers experience less pain during nursing sessions.

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Sleep Better

Babies, children, and adults can breathe properly through their noses and get a better night’s rest. This better quality of sleep also improves mood and behavior during the daytime.

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Speak Clearer

Kids learning their first words can speak more clearly with less difficulty and more comfort. All ages benefit from frenectomies which can help with pronunciation and speech.

Tongue & Lip-Tie Solutions

A.K.A. Frenectomies.

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Do you or your child have trouble moving your tongue freely? Are you experiencing difficulty eating and speaking? The problem may be excess connective tissue webbing, which leads to restricted lip and tongue movement.

More commonly known as lip-ties and tongue-ties, the problem affects about 10% of children, but parents and doctors often miss the signs.

In children, a frenum restriction affects feeding patterns and may lead to malnutrition, slow weight gain, and speech impediments in later years. Meanwhile, many adults live their entire lives not knowing why they have trouble eating certain foods or speak with a lisp.

If you suspect you or your child may have a lip or tongue-tie, please schedule a visit to Wisconsin Tongue Tie Institute for a consultation. Fixing the issue takes just a few minutes with our laser treatment, but has the power to change your whole life.

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For a complete list of symptoms, please see our patient forms.
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Laser Release Procedure

Find out about the best way to fix a lip or tongue-tie in babies, kids, and adults.

A laser release for tongue, lip, and cheek ties at Wisconsin Tongue Tie Institute is safe and fast. Unlike traditional frenectomies using a scalpel or surgical scissors, our modern frenectomies use a less invasive and more precise method.

The Solea CO2 laser targets the excess tissue, and nothing extra, to safely detach the frenum. While it may take some time for the mouth to “relearn” how to move, the procedure instantly provides relief.

Dr. Chris Peterson is the only dentist in Northeast Wisconsin who uses the Solea laser for frenectomy surgeries. As a parent who knows firsthand about the struggles of a tongue-tie, he’s now on a mission to make your and your child’s feeding journey more successful and enjoyable.

Our team not only helps with this efficient solution, but is also here to support you on your after-care journey. See how it works.

Click below to see post-op instructions to help ensure the success of your laser frenectomy.

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Lactation Support Services

Work with our certified specialists for better feeding and all-around support.

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When breastfeeding doesn’t feel right for any reason, turn to our board-certified lactation consultants for help and support.

Our specialists have the highest level of training and education to help moms navigate feeding issues.

  • We provide lactation support for ALL INFANTS, not just infants suffering from tongue and lip-ties!
  • We support tons of parents who are breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
  • We offer services from prenatal visits (before baby is born to best prepare you for your soon-to-be infant’s feeding journey), breastfeeding sessions, pump-fitting, and more!

Initial Lactation Consult $150

Consult includes:

  • 90 min visit in our welcoming office
  • Customized care plan emailed directly to you
  • 2 weeks of email/phone support included
  • Care report faxed to your child’s pediatrician

Follow-Up Lactation Consult $100

Consult includes:

  • 60 min visit in our welcoming office for established clients
  • Updated care plan emailed directly to you
  • 2 weeks of email/phone support included
  • Care report faxed to your child’s pediatrician

Post-Op Frenectomy Lactation Consult $100

Consult includes:

  • 60 min visit in our welcoming office for clients who had a frenectomy procedure with us
  • Customized care plan emailed directly to you
  • Review of post-op care, stretches, and plan management
  • 2 weeks of email/phone support included
  • Care report faxed to your child’s pediatrician

Our lactation consultants are contracted providers of The Lactation Network. TLN currently bills Blue Cross PPO, Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, Multi-plan and Provider Network of America.

Check your insurance eligibility HERE…Click to learn more in a new tab….

If you have an insurance carrier that is not part of TLN, at the end of our visit we will provide you with a “superbill” that you can send to your insurance company to request reimbursement. The Affordable Care Act states that insurance companies should reimburse for these services.

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Our Lactation Specialists

Acacia, Nicole, and Anne, our in-house lactation consultants, are educated professionals and understanding mothers ready to help you take the guesswork out of breastfeeding. You deserve peace of mind, and your baby deserves better health and wellness.

Read Testimonials from Actual Parents

Family-focused care with a one-of-a-kind experience.

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“Incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate about the struggles mom and baby can go through!”
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“The staff were amazingly kind and supportive throughout the entire process!”
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“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to complete this procedure on our daughter!”
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“Dr. Peterson and his staff were absolutely wonderful. The procedure was quick; my son did great!”
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“He helped us feel calm and confident about making the decision to get both the tongue and lip-ties corrected.”
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“The information and knowledge shared with us at our prenatal consult was extremely helpful! The lactation consultants that we met with taught us so much and shared tons of tips regarding breastfeeding. They answered all of our questions and made us feel so comfortable and confident!”
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“We have been to multiple IBCLC’s and are so impressed with the help and education provided to us here. They always take their time and listen to my concerns. I will not go back to any other IBCLC’s!”

Superior Healthcare for Mothers

Providing you with the facilities and knowledge you deserve.

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Expert Advice

Get real facts from real professionals. While friends and family mean well with their advice, turn to the professionals at Wisconsin Tongue Tie Institute for help with breastfeeding problems and frenum restrictions.

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Listening Ear

Whether you want to learn more about tongue and lip-tie releases or need a lactation consultation, you can count on us for judgment-free and pressure-free care. We’re here for your family in our safe, welcoming, and relaxing office.

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Remember, you’re never alone. We know what you’re going through and are here to help our community live better through modern frenectomy treatments. All ages are welcome, and it’s never too early or late to reach out.

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