Introducing Wisconsin Tongue Tie Institute

Winsconsin Tongue Tie Institute

We are growing!

Dr. Chris Peterson, DMD of De Pere Smiles has been treating infants for tongue and lip ties for 5 years now. He has evaluated and treated over 2,000 infants for feeding issues caused by tongue and/or lip ties and has had outstanding results!

To continue to serve our community and its families at the highest level, we are excited to introduce to you the Wisconsin Tongue Tie Institute, a division of De Pere Smiles! The Wisconsin Tongue Tie Institute was established in November 2022, but the vision for the state-of-the-art facility to help infants and children was born several years earlier. Dr. Christopher Peterson, DMD found his passion for serving the community after his own personal experience with his oldest. After his daughter, Audrey had her tongue tie released and he saw her health improve dramatically, it became clear that this was what Dr. Chris was meant to do. Since pursuing his passion Dr. Chris has performed over 2,000 frenectomies on primarily infants, but also children and adults. What has made WTTI stand out as a leading healthcare team is its combination of laser dentistry and lactation support. Lactation services are provided by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). This is the highest level of certification earned in lactation support. Currently serving families that have had tongue and/or lip tie procedures, lactation services will continue to grow at WTTI. We will be offering both office and at home lactation services appointments for any family needing breast and/or bottle feeding support. In addition, WTTI will become a gathering place for our community. We want moms, dad, and their growing families to have a common space for support, education, and development. Stay tuned!

Both DPS and WTTI will be located at 1300 W. Main Ave in De Pere, Wisconsin.

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